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PlantView is a suite of integrated modules supporting the maintenance, operation, training and performance knowledge management processes that help facilities sustain optimal reliability, efficiency and safety. Each module automates information entry, storage, management and reporting for numerous facility functions. The software transforms internal work processes, enabling users to move efficiently from managing information to understanding the implications of that information, and ultimately to action. The PlantView Suite is divided into four disciplines: Maintenance, Operations, Continuous Improvement and Training. It consists of the following modules:


Predictive Maintenance Facilitates condition-based maintenance by collecting and storing diagnostic technology results, and facilitating the analysis of multiple technologies into an overall assessment of the equipment.
Maintenance Basis Optimization By combining rigorous Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) analysis with pre-defined templates and a flexible approach to determining criticality, MBO helps develop a sound maintenance basis that balances maintenance tasks and equipment reliability.
Reports Library Serves as a basic document repository targeted for major equipment maintained on an annual basis. As reports are received from engineering teams, they are assigned a status and uploaded to PlantView.
Engineering Inspections Standardizes the inspection of components and their associated evaluation criteria. Information is summarized in a grid representing the most recent evaluation that has been performed.


Operations Logbooks Replaces traditional paper logs, text documents, spreadsheets and homegrown portal solutions with a dedicated operator logs system. Assists in tracking and managing any problem from initial diagnosis all the way through remediation.
Risk Assessment Supports Risk Informed Decision Making by using a 5x5 Risk Matrix that can be viewed across the enterprise to assess and prioritize risks.
Reliability Index Module Replaces manual spreadsheets and monthly reports with a continuously updating Equipment Reliability Index that can provide a snapshot on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
System Health Keeps a running log of issues and concerns for a System or Program. Within a particular instance of a report, the responsible individual identifies issues, snapshots metrics and assigns action items.

Continuous Improvement

Event Reports When an event occurs at Site "A," other sites are notified through an event assessment providing a mechanism where the event is reviewed and it is determined if a similar event could happen at their site.
Corrective Actions Documents how a particular problem/issue is corrected at a site. Once a Corrective Action Report (CAR) is created, it is assigned to a Champion and Team Leader until a solution is determined.
Self-Assessments An Excellence Grid divides business objectives into categories, elements and sub-elements. Questions are defined with each, and an assessment is completed by multiple users. Management can use the results to focus on areas requiring improvement.
Observations Observes activities to identify trends in safety, human performance and plant operations to prevent injuries and improve reliability.


Automated Training Manager Creates training courses consisting of Lessons and Elements; each element has associated content, questions and skills. Profiles provide trainees with a cross-section of content focused on their job description.