Observes activities to identify trends in safety, human performance and plant operations to prevent injuries and improve reliability.

How Observations Work

Behaviors or conditions to observe are defined on a user configurable forms. Observers complete observations on other employees, group or contractors following the established definitions and scoring methodolgy. Current conditions (parameters) are captured along with the observation to put it in context.

Results are broken down up by behavior and score. These analysis are rolled up from individual facility to department wide statistcs and can be limited by date ranges. Safety programs, training and instructions can be tailored to address issues identified by the observation program.

Driver Observation Form

As an example, a form for observing proper driving practices is shown below.

Driver Observation form screen print

Behavior Summary Report

Results from completed observations are cross-tabulated and summarized. The date range is customizable and the summary is available for different facilities, regions or departments.

Observation behavior summary screen print

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