PlantView® Corrective Actions

PlantView Corrective Action allows any employee to easily post problems, submit improvements and query historical data.It provides a structured process of problem classification, review team assignments, assessments and root cause analysis, corrective actions, implementation tracking, and notification. Administrative reports show trends in problem categories, assessment status, implementation progress, and cost-benefit analysis.

How Corrective Actions Work

While Event Reporting focuses on notifying other plants, Corrective Action is geared towards documenting how a particular problem/issue is corrected at a single site.  Once a Corrective Action Report (CAR)  is created, it is assigned to a Champion and Team Leader until a solution is determined.  A  journal is maintained of changes to the CAR with any associated Action Plan Items. Historical CARs can be searched with an ad-hoc query mechanism.

Corrective Action Form

Corrective Action definition form.

Action Plan Listing

Corrective Action - action plan report.

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