Frequently Asked Questions

Is PlantView a CMMS?

No. A CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) is primarily focused on creating and scheduling job tickets, managing the workforce for maximum efficiency, maintaining inventory, creating tool room and part orders and a host of other similar functions.

PlantView has been integrated with several different CMMS systems. When connected together PlantView can initiate work tickets (for diagnostic exams, repair work) or pull equipment work history into PlantView to help with assessments and diagnostics.

Is PlantView a Data Acquisition System?

No. PlantView is typcially used to store data, reports and analysis that are manually created or captured by users. PlantView is not focused heavily on automatically collecting raw data and data management but rather on capturing what an engineer things about that data. It is designed to provide a framework to support the engineering thought process.

PlantView has been interfaced to various in-house and commercial data acquisition systems, primarily to snapshot data to be automatically stored in the PlantView Logbooksmodule.

Is PlantView interoperable with my other systems?

Yes, PlantView has been interfacing with various systems such as work management (CMMS and ERP), DCS, data acquisition systems and various in-house developed systems as both a consumer and supplier of information. We have experience interfacing it with a variety of mechanisms from file drops to database tables/store procedures, IBM WebSphere, and most recently via web services. PlantView has a set of web services to make it's data available for use by other systems.

Does PlantView publish all my data to all users?

No, PlantView has a comprehensive mechanism to control access to data. Users are granted various levels of access to the different modules. Then, within any module, access to the individual items can be further controlled. Finally, users can customize and narrow the scope of their data to focus on only that which is relevant to them.

Which technology platform does PlantView utilize?

PlantView runs on Windows Server 2008, 2012 and 2016. Oracle V11 or higher is required as the back-end relational database system. PlantView can be deployed to the Microsoft Azure platform as well.

Can I obtain a demonstration disk or schedule a demonstration?

Please contact PowerVision. We can arrange and conduct an initial LiveMeeting (web based) demonstration of the software. If further information is required on-site meetings or a demonstration system can be established for your company.

Does Power Vision provide maintenance training?

Power Vision can provide training services for PlantView and it's various components. We can put you in touch with specialists familiar with PlantView that are focused on assisting you with designing and implementing predictive and reliability centered maintenance programs. We also have partners that utilize PlantView's Automated Training Manager to develop and deliver training courses.

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