PlantView® Event Reporting

PlantView Event Report aids in the documentation, assessment, problem remediation, and notification of key operational events. Simple data entry forms help document event background information, support assessing root causes, developing a remediation action plan, and tracking implementation. Automated links send event resolutions to stakeholders. Tracking tools and administrative reports ensure individual review and assessment follow through. Event Report helps drive focused investigations around lessons learned and distribution of corrective action plans to prevent repeating costly events.

How Event Reports Work

When a safety, environmental, asset damage or capacity reducing event occurs at Site “A”, an Event Report is created with an associated Root Cause analysis. Other sites within the department are notified about the event report through the receipt of an event assessment. This provides a mechanism where they review the originating event and determine if a similar event could happen at their site.  Historical Events can be searched with an ad-hoc query mechanism.

Event Dashboard

Display counts of events for selected facility by category and status.

Event Report Summary Dashboard screen.

Open Event Report Summary

Drill down to list of events for a category.

Open Event Report screen.

Event Report Detail

Click on event in summary listing to view or capture detailed event information.

Event Report Definition form.

Use standard PlantView form or customize a data entry form to collect information in accordance with your process.

Event Report Definition form.

Business Analytics

Feed information into popular business intelligence tools or utilize PlantView's built-in reporting package.

Event Report Definition form.

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