PlantView® Alarm Response

Whether you are operating in a modern DCS equiped control room or still dealing with vintage analog or even pneumatic controls mixed in, a plant operator has a great deal of information to process and assimilate on a ongoing basis. With increasing regulatory and environmental compliance requirements, the control room is futher supplanted with variety additional monitoring and diagnostic systems. When a control or monitoring system detects a problem. the operator will be alerted on a CRT or indication panel. Quick and effective response to raised alarms is crucial to minimize any possible damage and avoid injuries. Having a knowledge base at his or her fingertips preloaded with a complete set of data relating to the alarm allows the operator to take the proper actions in response to the alarm.

Approach and Features

The alarm response module facilitates creating and maintaining a database of instructions on how to deal with control room alarms. Operators can drill down by unit and system to this list of known alarms or perform a search for alarm points by various parameters. Once they have located the alarm point in PlantView, they can click on details for it to view all the information pertinent to it. The Detailed Alarm Report lists the items such as steps to be taken to confirm the alarm, conditions to verify, possible causes of the alarm, and corrective actions to take.

The Alarm Resonse database is built by plant engineers and operators from system instruction manuals, common practices, standing orders and similar sources. Establishing this information in PlantView ensures it's consistency facilitates keeping it up to date.

Detailed Alarm Report Form

Detailed alarm response report screen.

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